Portrait of Gašper: Drawn by Katarina Šeme.

Gašper Krajnc

Krajnc is rapidly becoming one of the most recognisable voices in Slovenian comics. His drawing style is close to the American comic style and is becoming more refined with each book. At the same time, Krajnc is a brilliant observer of the world around him, which makes his graphic novels strong in content and accurate in expression. He likes clear dramaturgical structures of action and is uncompromisingly meticulous when he works.
City Birds was originally intended to be a book in itself, but he xpanded it into a trilogy. Two years after the first, a second book, entitled Village Birds, was published, to be followed by a third in 2024, titled Winter Birds.
(The drawing of Gašper made by Katarina Šeme.)

Portrait of Dora Kaštrun: Drawn by Eva Mlinar.

Dora Kaštrun

is an illustrator and cartoonist with a keen sense for puns and quirks. Dora also has a great sense of humour, which shows in almost everything she does. So far she has published two books of shorter horizontal strips (Frogs & Frogs, Part 2), featuring three recognisable characters, two frogs and one frustrated penguin, Marko, with whom a surprising number of people (both in and outside the publishing house) identified as soon as he appeared. When she's not sitting in front of her tablet/computer/drawing pad, Dora roller skates, which she does so well that she also teaches others. (The drawing of Dora made by Eva Mlinar.)

Portrait of Katarina: Drawn by Dora Kaštrun.

Katarina Šeme

Katarina is an illustrator, 2D-animator and comic artist. Her book is a co-winner of our first call for original Slovenian graphic novel. Katarina is a born storyteller; her comic language is characterised by a fascinating fusion of drawing and words, so that a story flows smoothly without any separation of the two elements. We are proud that her debut book Sumatra – A Year on a Tropical Island has been published by us and we look forward to her next book, which will be published in 2024. Namely, Katarina is also a caver and was part of the team that in April 2023 rescued an injured colleague from a cave close to Dolenja vas near Cerknica. Through the Eye of a Needle will be the title of the graphic novel about this rescue. (The drawing of Katarina made by Dora Kaštrun.)

Portrait of Eva Mahkovic: Drawn by Miha Ha. Portrait of Eva Mlinar: Drawn by Miha Ha.

Eva Mahkovic & Eva Mlinar

together created the first original Slovenian book we published. Vignettes of a Dreadophile came out in 2019 under the editorship of Majda Peklaj.
Eva Mahkovic is a dramaturg working at the The Ljubljana City Theatre (MGL), and the author of play adaptations, story collections and FB-poetry. She also writes her own plays. Eva has a distinctive style in everything she does.
Eva Mlinar is an illustrator and visual message designer. She creates book covers and books, and in recent years has become one of the most sought-after collaborators when one needs a clear, clean and witty drawing. She often combines it with collages.
(The drawings of Eva and Eva made by Miha Ha.)

Portrait of Miha: Drawn by Gašper Krajnc. Portrait of Ram: Drawn by Gašper Krajnc.

Ram Cunta & Miha Ha

Two friends, one a forester and the other living in Forest, joined their artistic forces for the first time - and the result is collection of fun adventures for children (and adults, too) in a comic book, with the now-famous title When Tik went picking firewood. Miha's distinctive drawing perfectly complements Ram's stories about the mute lizard and his faithful alpaca, which have had a great success among readers, have been reprinted several times and will be continued in 2024 in a part 2 entitled When Tik Went to Town for a Jazlbek.
(The drawings of Miha and Ram made by Gašper Krajnc.)